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Buying home
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Home Purchase Process

There are many individual steps involved in the home purchase process.  And managing these steps successfully the attention of a seasoned real estate sales professional.  I will be guiding you through each and all of these steps as necessary. 

  • Decision to purchase home
  • Sales associate selection
  • Initial counseling interview
  • Home search
  • Home selection
  • Write the offer to purchase agreement
  • Negotiation with Seller
  • Contract is agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller
  • Mortgage application
  • Appraisal
  • Credit Report
  • Verification of Assets
  • Verification of employment
  • Arrangement of inspections
  • Structural
  • Attorney
  • Other
  • Mortgage Approval
  • Pre-closing inspection
  • Obtain homeowner's insurance
  • Transfer of utilities
  • Closing/Settlement
  • Send Agent referrals
Step-By-Step Through the process

We will participate with you through the following steps: 

  1. Conduct an in-depth qualifying analysis to determine the price range of the property that would suit you, the buyer.  We recommend you be pre-qualified for mortgage financing.
  2. Review the features and amenities you desire in a home.
  3. Select the most desirable properties in your price range selected from our extensive inventory of available properties:
    - MLS Sort and Select process
    - Estimated closing costs
    - Familiarization with the Real Estate Purchase Contract.
  4. Pre-selection process for desired homes and arrangements will be made for showings:
    - View properties and obtain all pertinent information from Realtor, if any are of interest
    - When you have selected the home you want to own, we prepare a Real Estate Purchase Contract.
  5. Engage in the process of negotiations through your Realtor with the Seller.
  6. When the Real Estate Purchase Contract is accepted by the Seller, the property is sold. Copies of all the documentations are processed and sent to the Purchaser's and Seller's solicitors.
  7. If a mortgage is required, we can assist in the mortgage application and approval process up to obtaining a mortgage commitment from the lending institution.
  8. We recommend a lawyer be chosen to handle the transfer and registration. You may even want to consult with them regarding the Purchase Contract before presenting to the Seller.
  9. When the transaction becomes a binding agreement, the Buyer's solicitor searches title to determine:
    - An accurate description of the lawful use of the property
    - Restrictions as to the insurability of the property
    - Encumbrances, liens, easements, restrictions, encroachments or other claims registered on title (e.g. undisclosed mortgages, right-of-ways etc.)
  10. Buyer's solicitor makes requisitions to the Seller's solicitor within the pre-determined date set out in the Real Estate Purchase Contract.
  11. Purchaser's solicitor verifies financing commitment with the lending institution.
  12. When all searches are satisfied, the solicitors arrange with the lenders for the transfer of funds.
  13. Buyer arranges insurance coverage from the date of closing.
  14. Buyer's solicitor contacts the utility companies and the tax department to determine amounts, if any, are in arrears before closing adjustments.
  15. Buyer and Seller meet with their respective lawyers to review and sign closing documents (mortgage, deeds, declarations, undertakings etc.).
  16. Solicitors for both parties meet on the date of closing to exchange documents, funds, keys and register all documents on title.


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